Monday, July 30, 2012

A very sad day

Today, our beloved bloodhound, Daisy, died. She jumped the fence and ended up hanging her collar. Daniel found her after having to stay over at work for 4 hours. To say the least, he was devastated. The kids and I had to take her to the shelter as we couldn't dig a hole big enough for all 80lbs of her.

Daisy literally walked into our yard and life 2 years ago. We had her checked out at my vet clinic and had her dna tested to see if she was.mixed with something. It came back that a full blood bloodhound in fact walked into our yard with no tags or microchip.

Word around the neighborhood was she used to live with this guy who was in jail and that she had been running the woods since she was a puppy. She wasn't one for staying put. At 80lbs she could flat foot our fence.

She had two litters with us. The first had 13 and the second 9. We still own two boys from the second litter, Red and Chester. It was clear they tried to help her from the dirt on their noses.

She was a great obnoxious lovable girl and is greatly missed. The hardest part is Conner asking where Daisy is. The best I could think to say is she is in heaven.

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