Thursday, July 12, 2012

Potty training

Well, its that time in Conner's life to gain the independence of big boy undies. I got the hint finally when he said to me, "Mommy I am wet help." This was also around the time that my daughter was due. Talk about a lot on my plate: nine months pregnant, potty training a two year old and getting use to Daniel going back to work.

Right after Miranda was born, my mom came up from Texas to help me with things while I got back in the swing of things. She decided she would try potty training Conner and bought him those expensive pull ups. The week and a half she was here Conner ran through $70 worth of these trainer pants. To me and him they were just diapers. I don't have a clue as to how anyone could potty train a child on these. Valued effort but no success.

A few weeks later, I got in some diaper covers called thirsties for Miranda. I also got 1 big enough for Conner because, I refuse to buy another box of diapers again. Well, he took to them and even became more aware of when he needed to go potty. Right direction but still no dice.

With two babies in cloth diapers, there was a every two week trip to Walmart for one or two more packs of Gerber cloth diapers, my initial supply was for one newborn. Next to the cloth diapers was a pack of cloth trainer pants which because Conner's big boy undies. It was a miracle, almost like instant potty training. There are still accidents at night which is fine ( thats what mattress covers are for) but the minute he got big boy undies he never looked back.

The only down side is his pants don't fit now that he doesn't wear a bulky diaper. Hey, if thats the only bad thing I will gladly except.

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