Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cleaning ... does it ever end?

I'm not normally one to complain about cleaning, sometimes I even enjoy finishing various projects; however lately it seems like it has been never ending. As soon as the sink is empty the laundry basket is over flowing. As soon as the floor os mopped it seems toys explode from the toy box. It's mind blowing how fast everything has been unwinding.

Luckly, Conner has been trying to help as much as possible. When I am doing dishes he is right there filling his cup with water to rinse the dishes. As soon as the dryer sounds off he is running to open the door for me. He even has his own rag to wipe up his spills.

Unfortunately not everything he does is helpful. Just a bit ago we were changing the laundry out and I pulled folded clothes out of the dirty cloths basket. Conner said "I helping" as he brings more clothes out of the closet. He was helping mommy have something to do. Thanks but no thanks.

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