Sunday, July 15, 2012


<p>When we moved to Mississippi two months ago it was to our current rental house. It has served its purpose but we are itching to move to our own home. <br>
Today we went to see a realitor about homes in our price range. We told her one to five acres and not in a subdivision. She took is to three terribly small houses on 1/4 acre lots. When we got home i googled four properties that were perfect for us. I was amazed at how little this woman listened and was more concerned with moving these properties. Granted, I don't know much about realistate, bit I do know it's nothing like buying shoes.

Long story short we will be looking for a different realtor tomorrow. Though the title of this blog includes the term "homesteader" we aren't there yet. We are at the starting line in that aspect. We have researched what we want to do and what will be additional sub categories are goat herding for dairy and fiber. Raise chickens, garden, harvest our own grass fed meat and home school our children. It's ambitious but it is also exciting.

If you are also at the starting line, I would like to recommend the following books as they have changed my families life: the encyclopedia of country living, made from scratch, and nourishing tradition. Good luck and till next time.

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