Sunday, July 29, 2012

My cleaning solution

I think I found what will work for to make cleaning something that doesn't get in the way too often. Now this won't eliminate the chaos in my life known as Conner and Miranda but I am hoping to reduce the amount of time I spend daily on chores.

I found this in Parent magazine. Since I am not made of money, instead of paint and a shadow box, I used Conner's crayons and some paper.

First I categorized what all I do into 5 areas: Bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, and outside. I didn't include the living room because that has to be everyday or it will look like a tornado plowed through it. Also I needed at least two days for laundry.

Second I looked at my normal week and assigned those areas a day of the week with one day as a free day. For example, Tuesdays and Thursdays are laundry days.

The hardest part of this is sticking to the area for the day. I am very much a type A personality and get fixated very easily.

Lastly, post this somewhere you will see it. While working on this project, Conner made his own sign. Here is how it works out
Day.             Mommy.          Conner
Monday.      Kitchen.           Baking
Tuesday.      Laundry.          Preschool
Wednesday. Bedrooms.     Pick up toys
Thursday.     Laundry.         Preschool
Friday.          Bathrooms.    Park
Saturday.      Outside.          Garden

Miranda being barely two months old gets to do whatever we are doing. Daddy works a swing shift at work so he also gets off easy. All he has to do on his days off is work the dogs and play with the kids. He also cooks.

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