Monday, September 30, 2013

Sleep deprived state of mind

With three babies under 4 years old, sleepless nights are bound to happen. When your husband works nights, they trend to happen more often. Last night, my children planned a mutiny on me. Conner kept getting out of bed, Miranda tossed and turned with an upset tummy, and Jasper was just fidgety. Between the three if them I was able to fall asleep around 11:30pm and was awaken promptly at 12am. I'm not a happy camper at all.
   When these nights start happening fairly often there are a few things I try to remember but am not always successful. First i have to remind myself that they are growing children. Even though I'm with then 24/7, I often forget that these are small children I'm dealing with. They don't yet have the mental capability to articulate what's wrong with them. So, with very little to no sleep i have to think quicker than Sherlock and Watson to get these babies feeling well enough to go to sleep.
   Next I usually have to remember that these tiny children are tired too. They played super hard all day and want to sleep but can't. I have finally figured that when tired, children tend to choose fighting the sleep instead of giving in. This world is still new and exciting, there it's nothing worse than missing something. Luckily, we have an amazing bed time routine. That's all i got for this issue: dinner, bath, tea and story time, bed.
    When all else fails, I go crying to my husband for a day, which translates to maybe 2 hours. God bless him, but most times mommy does it best. During my "day" I get to shut my door and lay down while Daniel runs defense to give me some time to breath. Those few hours gives me back my positive perspective on life.
   So to all my sleepless moms just wishing for a ray of hope, I hope this helps you find some peace. You are not alone.

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