Monday, September 9, 2013

Child's play

It is so interesting watching my children play every morning after chores but before it gets too hot. Conner is at the age were his imagination is starting to kick in, and he is so vocal about his play and what her his doing. His sister, Miranda is also starting to play with him. She doesn't always get the game but she is right in the middle of it. Well, unless a rock is more interesting.

The game to day is dirt. Conner is using his shovel to fill a bucket with dirt. Then he runs with the bucket to the drive way and pours the dirt out. This is followed by packing the dirt down with the shovel. The process repeats several times, it's hard work but someone has to do it.

This game is only topped by climbing the "barn" I built for him to keep his bike in. It's a simple structure made by screwing 4 pallets together. Once the dirt gets boring, he scales this building and truss to forge the coolest/scariest way to get down. The best way so far is climbing half way down and jumping.

Miranda had added a new game to her favorites list of butterfly watching. She is very stealthy for a one year old and can get very close to them. When they do fly off, she gets very upset with them for moving

I absolutely love that my children enjoy playing out doors and use their imaginations. They remind me of how innocent childhood can be. To be alter to pick up a stick and it be a bow or a gun to play cowboys and Indians, to be able to marvel at the colors of a butterfly's wings, it's truly amazing.

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