Friday, August 30, 2013

The birth of baby three

   July 15, 2013,
   Well, this story comes a little late as everything has been a whirl wind of excitement since the birth of our third child, so here it is. I started having contractions that morning and monitored them with one of the many apps for contraction timing. It felt like false labor for most of the morning, but come that afternoon I was sure it was time to call my Midwife to get her on the way. It turns out to be true what they say about labor getting quicker with each baby. No sooner that finishing dinner, my contractions got more intense and frequent, luckily just as my midwife was pulling into the driveway.
   I had planned on a water birth or just labor with this pregnancy but one very vital thing hadn't happened for me to be able to get into the tub until after the midwife showed up, my water hadn't broke on its own. I was left pacing my room and bracing on the wall while the debate of tub or no tub waged. We were also strapped for hot water since the kids had had their baths and the dishes had been washed, my mother in law began to warm water on the stove. Eventually, I was allowed to get in the water and it was a complete relief. The heat and weightlessness was a God sent and gave me the breather that I needed for what was to come.
   After I was settled in the water the urge to push became very urgent. Humorously, every time the urge to push came I would yell, "Pushy feeling", which everyone got a kick out of. It was the only way I could think to communicate what was going on with my body. The midwife checked me and I was just shy of fully dilated and she said what seemed like the stupidest thing in the world to me at the time, "Don't push." Are you kidding me! I'm not trying to push, my body is. How do I stop something I'm not choosing to do? My midwife is also trained in hypnobirthing which I was unable to remember at the time, and she literally stared me down and forced me to breath through each contraction. My poor husband tried to comfort me but at that point I was in a to the death staring contest with the midwife and there was no breaking it. Oh, water still hadn't broken yet.
   Finally, this crazy lady staring me down concedes and allows me to loose control and begin to push. Once, I felt my baby drop into the birth canal, it was a no holds bar, I was getting this human out of me ASAP. It took two, count them, two pushes to deliver my third child, our second son into this world. What I was later told was if my midwife hadn't ruptured the sac on my final push, my son would have been born without his water breaking. This rarely happens, mostly because rupturing the amniotic sac is a means of starting labor, so I was really amazed that my child almost did this. Once he was out and placed on my chest, I was amazed at how tiny he seemed. At seven pound four onces, he is my smallest birth so far. We named him Jasper Wyatt.
    If you have any funny or quirky labor stories I would love to hear them.

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