Friday, November 16, 2012

And baby makes 3

Yep, we are pregnant again. None of our children were planned per say but we have welcomed everyone of them. I am about 4 weeks along now, the dog food making me queasy was our E.P.T.
   I am very excited about this pregnancy because I will get the chance to practice all the interesting holistic ideas I found out about after Miranda was born. For starters, there is a pregnancy tea that I found out about when I was looking for a lactation tea. It's called tea for two and it is amazing. It doesn't need to be sweetened for me (and I live for sweet tea). It also helps with morning sickness, which with two under 4, there is no way I well be able to slow down for that.
   Next, I am very excited that I found out about some yoga moves that a will help with the pregnancy and labor. Unfortunately, I haven't lost any of my pregnancy weight from Miranda and everything I have researched says not to loose weight while pregnant. I am hoping that with not having the pressures of working out side the home, eating more real foods, doing yoga, and staying hydrated, I might be able to maintain my weight or just become more healthy for the baby's sake.
   As I mentioned earlier, I am moving away from processed everything and trying to just feed me and my family real foods. By real food I mean whole (not overly processed with heat or chemicals) chemicals, artificial anything, and gmos. This had been a goal my family has been working toward for years. We have slowly changed eating habits to more homemade fairs and have almost eliminated shopping from the middle of the grocery store. Some of our next moves are buying in bulk and sprouting grain then milling it to make flour.
   These are just a few of the things I am excited about for this pregnancy. We will be using our midwife again if this proves to be a pretty normal pregnancy and God willing have another home birth.
I will be keeping y'all posted more frequently and reorganizing my blog here soon.

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