Friday, August 3, 2012

Yoga for mommy

I finally am clear to start working out again! This is about the most unhealthy weight wise I have ever been. To get back to pre pregnancy weight I need to drop 20lbs. To get back to my ideal weight I need to drop 110lbs!

Like most, I have no idea where it all got packed on at. When I worked, it was 50 hour weeks of very active days. I admit that in my down time before kids I didn't want to do much of anything. When Conner came around, I tried to keep up but never dropped the weight and gained more. Then Miranda packed on quiet a bit.

I know diet is my main issue. I can't have any sweets in the house because there is no self control. Why tempt myself if I don't have to? This has been a blessing to because Conner doesn't beg for candy as much as some kids we see.

Another major battle is portion control. I am use to cooking for two adults and making huge meals to save for later. Now that Daniel works nights and they feed him I have slowly started learning to cook less. Conner eats like a bird so it is hard to count him as someone I cook for.

Issue number three is I eat when I'm bored. Not that much of an issue with two kids, however if I'm not busy then I start inching towards the fridge.

I noticed today that my posture has become terrible. After confirming with my people about post partum exercise, I got the go ahead for yoga or palates or anything low impact. So out came the yoga mat and 6 week program I use to do in college. Sorry to say I only got through half of it. ( Granted I was being used as a jungle gym while doing the poses.) I started to get down on myself about not finishing but then I started to feel how much better my back felt.

It is my goal to at least get to where I can finish the program daily even with Conner climbing on me.I also intend to better manage my diet now that it's just for me and the kids. Daniel does eat with us every now and then but not enough to count. Wish me luck.

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